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Pia & Di marathon

Di and Pia who ran the Virgin London Marathon for RNCF in 2015

There are some great ways that you, your school or organisation can raise vital funds and awareness for RNCF so that we can do more.

We have a limited number of Golden Bond Virgin London Marathon places each year but are keen to support people who would like to run, swim, cycle, skip or jump for us. We can provide vests and marketing materials to get your event known to others. If physical exertion isn’t your thing, cake sales, movie nights and coffee mornings are all great ways to raise funds and awareness.

At work…

You could simply place collection tins around your office and encourage colleagues to donate or give something up for the day in return for a donation.

We can discuss ideas with you and provide posters and flyers to help.

Could you influence managers and colleagues to choose RNCF as their Charity of the Year? We can work with you to achieve a tailored programme of activities. We can provide case studies to show the impact of your donations or details of a child that requires direct sponsorship. We aim to support your business objectives while you transform vulnerable lives.

At school…

We can help pupils understand the problems that exist in the UK in an age appropriate way and provide positive ideas to help them engage with our solution. We have speakers all over the UK who are capable of undertaking engaging and effective talks.

With friends…

How about taking on a challenge with some friends…


Fundraising Tips

Online fundraising sites give you the opportunity to create an online giving page where you can tell everyone about your fundraising activity, why you are doing it and why they should sponsor you.  It is really important that you make this interesting and connect your potential sponsors with what difference it will make if they do donate.

We recommend Virgin Money Giving as the first choice to set up an online giving page. If you need any help in using this or how best to share your fundraising story then email us.

Another way of getting people to give to RNCF and sponsor you is through Textgiving, get in touch if you would like to have a personal text code set up. Alternatively text ‘RNCF15 £5’ or whatever monetary amount you wish to give to 70070. This can be put on any promotional material around your event.

Here are a few fundraising tips

  1. If you have pictures that you can include on your page then use them: it always makes a better impact when people use personalised images either of you or of the people you are raising funds for. We have provided you with some RNCF stock photos that you can choose to add onto your page.
  2. If you are feeling really creative a short videoclip can be a powerful way of getting your message across.
  3. Be really clear about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Remember – stories from the heart are always powerful.
  4. Tell people why they should sponsor you and the difference their donations will make. Try and help people to make a connection with your passion for RNCF/helping vulnerable children.
  5. Thank people for taking an interest in your fundraising and ask them if they want to be kept updated.
  6. The more personal your online fundraising page is the more powerful it will be to the potential donors reading it!
  7. Once you have set up your page, spread the word. Link it to your social media accounts and encourage your friends and family to do the same.
  8. Ask if you can promote your page through your work’s intranet or at church or other websites that could attract donors.

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