How the Application Process Works

RNCF contributes towards boarding and day school fees, to help those young people it agrees to support. This support alone will not be sufficient to pay the whole fees.



Additional funding will need to be secured, usually from other charities (many of whom RNCF can help you contact), from the chosen school itself, from Local Authorities if they are involved, and from your own or a family resource if that is possible.


You will be required to complete an Application Form. There are two parts to complete. To support your application, we will require references from two professionals that highlight the ‘need’ for boarding or, for a day application, the ‘need’ for the child to attend an independent day school.

Home Visit:

Once your application has been accepted by RNCF, one of our representatives will arrange to visit you at home to prepare a report. This is very informal and will enable us to check we have all relevant information. This report will be considered with your application and other supporting documents.


The process usually takes between 6 to 8 weeks. We accept applications throughout the year and will look at applications that require immediate action, where a placement is urgent, and up to 8 months in advance – ie: in January we would start to process applications for September.

Annual Check:

Each year in the Spring Term, we will send you a Financial Review Form in which we ask you to disclose your current financial situation and any changes in your domestic circumstances in order that we can continue to support the child.

Please read our criteria and contact us to receive help at or 01932 868622.

Chris Hughes

Operations Director

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